Geneva WealthTech Forum: The view from a Silicon Valley-based early-stage investment firm

18th October 2019

During the 2019 Geneva Wealthtech Forum, we interviewed Bedy Yang, Managing Partner at 500 Startups. Bedy talked to us on:

  • Who she is and what she does
  • Why she was at the Geneva WealthTech Forum and what she hoped to achieve
  • What she learned from attending the Geneva WealthTech Forum
  • Why 500 Startups is also a partner of the Geneva WealthTech Forum
  • What areas of FinTech and WealthTech she finds most interesting now
  • What advice she would give to Geneva on how they can develop the local FinTech and WealthTech market

Thanks again to the Geneva WealthTech Forum team for their support in organising the interview and to Bedy for her time and insights.

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